Immunity Film

  When an attractive stranger arrives in a small, Eastern European town, he appears at first to be a photographer shooting startling portraits on black and white film, but turns out to be something different altogether.



ImmunityA tall, attractive stranger comes to a small Eastern European town and rents an apartment. At first he appears to be a photographer shooting startling black & white portraits on an antique camera, but soon the woman working at the old photo lab, her cousin, the journalist, and her grandfather begin to suspect that there is more to the photographs than meets the eye.

The stranger possesses a mysterious object to which only he is immune. It cannot be shown to women, children, or anyone drunk or high on drugs. He takes a photograph of each man who views the object, capturing their faces which reflect a variety of shocked responses. The man does not know what the object is: perhaps it is the most gruesome thing in the world. Or the most beautiful.  After viewing the object, no man can, or will, speak about what he saw.

The stranger and the journalist become friends, and eventually the stranger falls in love with the woman. However, the woman, despite being warned, is drawn to view the object herself and the experience causes her to go mad. Will the man be able to save her? Will he lose his friendship with the journalist because of what has happened? Will losing the only woman that was able to breach his cold exterior cause him to lose his immunity?

Join us for a slow-burn, noir-ride through the cinematic landscape of IMMUNITY.




This is Mr. Steers second feature film, after his initial feature Sum of the Parts (2008) went to multiple festivals in the USA and was widely considered to be groundbreaking in both editing and storytelling scope for a first feature by a young director. Consumed with passion for the cinematic arts and deep technical understanding and ability, Mr. Steers is re-defining independent filmmaking by delivering thoughtful yet entertaining cinema, eschewing big-budget waste in favor of can-do style and talent.



This is Hunter’s second production with Jedidiah Films, originally working closely with Writer+Director Raymond Steers to Produce feature film Sum of the Parts (2008). Hunter is a skilled business developer as well as a talented writer & photographer who brings a passion for both artistry & efficiency to every project. Whether restructuring the budget, tightening the script, creating a memorable brand, or pinch-hitting as a DP, Hunter is willing to pull out all the stops to usher a project through to completion.


Actor in role: THE MAN

Rainier’s style and charisma make him perfectly suited for the lead role in IMMUNITY. An avid student of Film Studies, Journalism and Philosophy, Mr. Jaarsma masters the nuanced dramatic tone necessary for the role of The Man. A breakout role for this young actor, Rainier is poised to become the modern day Dutch James Dean.


Actor in role: THE JOURNALIST

A veteran of more than 40 films, most recently in War, Inc. in which he had scenes with John Cusack and Marisa Tomei and The Expendables 2 which starred Sylvester Stallone. George has acted fluently in Bulgarian, English, and Italian, and is a consummate actor in both cinema and theater.


Actress in role: THE WOMAN

A graduate of the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria, Manuela is fluent in Bulgarian, English, and French and is a member of the Bulgarian Association for Independent Theatre. She is also a co-founder in a Cultural Development Foundation, based in Varna.


Actor in role: THE GRANDFATHER

Acting professionally since 1962 in over 60 films and television shows, Mr. Mihailov is widely considered to be one of the most popular actors in Bulgarian history.


Actress in role: PRETTY YOUNG WOMAN

Evelin’s lead role as Maggie on the popular Bulgarian TV show Where’s Maggie? has given her wide recognition in her home country. She is currently attending the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia Bulgaria.





IMMUNITY is a full length feature film that will begin principal photography in June of 2013, with a scheduled release for the fall of 2013. All logistical details have been realized in advance and careful project planning has been undertaken to ensure that this will feature will become both a serious artistic milestone as well as a profitable business venture for all concerned parties.

Our film is a cross-cultural present-day noir thriller that takes place in Eastern Europe. Written and directed by an American, it starts a Dutch lead actor supported by a powerful multilingual Bulgarian cast. The unique combination of western sensibilities, Eastern European locations and culture, and a bilingual script gives the film wide audience appeal in worldwide markets.

Because we will be shooting on location in rural Bulgaria, our production costs are very low. We invite you to watch our teaser trailer as well as review this website. We will be happy to answer any questions you have via phone or email about the investment process & how you can get involved with the production of IMMUNITY.

Give Back

ImmunityIn addition to our initial donation of the first week’s single theater run in Strazhitsa, Bulgaria to the local orphanage, we will gift 5% of the profits of the film each year to a qualified local social program. The spending details of the chosen social program must be transparent and verifiable by an oversight group to be appointed by the producers. If each year a valid program cannot be found which meets the standards set for transparency and beneficence, then the amount will be set aside in escrow until the following year when new programs can be evaluated and the accumulated funds spent accordingly.

Initial avenues of spending are intended to be in the medical and dental areas. Inclusive of the Strazhitsa, Bulgaria town of 5000 people, The Strazhitsa obshtina (county) encompasses 22 villages ranging in size from 5 to 700 people each. Most of these villages do not have doctors or dentists. Nor do most villagers have cars with which they can drive to the town to obtain medical care. This situation is even worse for the elderly, many of whom never leave the village. Funding for traveling medical care is one area which we hope profits from this film can help. We are, however, open to other ideas. Please reach out, if you have suggestions for us to consider.